Hubtel leads the Ghanaian Fintech industry with two new innovations in 2023

Ghanaian fintech company, Hubtel has for the past years introduced disruptive innovation in the industry making in a market leader in the West African country and in other African countries.

In the first ten months of 2023, Hubtel again showed their innovation prowess by introducing two new services- the Event Tickets Service and Instant Car Insurance Service.

In April, 2023 Hubtel launched the Event Ticket Service in an effort to make life simpler for their customers, the new service feature provides a way to simplify and speed up the process of finding and paying for events in Ghana. With this new feature included on the Hubtel mobile app, customers can avoid the challenges and risks in booking an event by completing the entire process within minutes, directly from their mobile phones. The feature only requires customers to enter their car number, specify their car use (private or commercial), and choose a policy package.

Developed by Hubtel in collaboration with EgoTickets, a leading event ticketing platform, the feature provides convenience, efficiency, and security for event attendees and organizers in Ghana, who often face challenges and risks when booking or selling tickets for events. This new innovation will come in handy as the festive season approaches.

The feature allows customers to: browse through a wide range of events listed by EgoTickets, including concerts, sporting events, and conferences, book and pay with their preferred payment method, such as mobile money, cards, or QR codes, receive an e-ticket immediately to confirm purchase and several others.

The firm also introduce a groundbreaking innovation with the launch of Instant Car Insurance Feature in July 2023- the feature provides a platform for instant renewal of car insurance stickers in Ghana The feature available on the Hubtel app was developed by Hubtel in collaboration with Enterprise Insurance, a Ghanaian insurance company.

The initiative provides convenience, efficiency, and security for car owners and drivers in Ghana, who often face challenges and risks when buying or renewing their car insurance stickers. It offers the option for car users to move away from the challenges and risks of filling out lengthy and cumbersome forms that require a lot of personal and vehicle information, visiting physical offices or agents that may be far away or crowded, and waiting for days or weeks to receive the insurance stickers by mail or courier. Hubtel’s instant car insurance feature generates a valid insurance sticker within seconds, which can be downloaded and printed for immediate use.

These innovations contribute to fulfilling Hubtles mission of moving Africa forward by helping everyone find and pay for everyday essentials and is also contributing to the digital transformation and financial inclusion in Ghana by leveraging technology to deliver financial services and products that are accessible, affordable, and reliable.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, the firm has empowered numerous small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana by digitizing their payment processes and enhancing their customer experience. They continue to provide mobile payments, bulk SMS, and e-commerce solutions and partners a long list of stakeholders, such as government agencies, banks, telecom companies, regulators, merchants, and consumers

As Ghanaian financial tech companies look to rapidly expand in neighboring countries, Hubtel is ahead of the game.

By: Alexander Bombande – Digital Economy Magazine

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